Gaurav Dayal (Los Angeles)

Founder & CEO of Beatfactory Academy, BollywoodSounds and Beatskillz Software.

Gaurav is a known international music producer, and entrepreneur. His music has appeared in songs of American artists such as Skrillex, Selena Gomez, Kashmr and others. Gaurav's songs have appreared in many Hollywood Blockbusters such as Gravity (2013), Cinderella Story and also composed music for some of the biggest pop stars of India like Mika,  Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chauhan, Jassi, Aditi Singh Sharma and others. Gaurav is also a developer of audio plugins and virtual instruments via his brand "Beatskillz". Gaurav has a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering from M.I.T. - Pune, INDIA

Key Genres: 80s, Retro, NuDisco, Funk, Nuwave , Bollywood, Bhangra, Orchestral.

 Avid Certified Pro Tools instructor . Logic Pro Advanced . Ableton Live Master Instructor 

Saibal Basu (New Delhi)

Co-Founder of Beatfactory Academy, and Head Faculty at Beatfactory Delhi

Saibal is known as one of the best guitar players in South Asia. Also known for creating some of the major jingles and music for ad-campaigns that you have probably heard, Saibal has also scored, composed and produced music for bollywood films, and also major artists such as Shubha Mudgal, Shantanu Moitra, Ranjit Barot, Shibani Kashyap, Mika and other known names. A master of Guitar Production, Saibal owns some of the most premium guitar amps, pedals, cabinets and guitar production gear in India. He is a sought after session player for known composers in Bollywood as well.

Key Genres: 80s, Funk, Jazz , Rock, Pop, World.

ProTools Expert  . Logic Pro Advanced User . Advanced Music Production  Instructor 

Arjun Bhaybhang (Mumbai)

Ableton Live and Dance / Electro Production Expert at Beatfactory Mumbai

Arjun is a Pro Level EDM Producer, and has a knack of using the most cutting edge technology. His weapon of choice is Ableton LIVE, and he does not refrain from switching on "advanced" mode of education with his students. 

Additionally he dabbles in programming Max for live devices.


Key Genres: DnB, Dubstep, Future Bass, Trap, Glitch hop, House, EDM....

Ableton Live Expert  . Logic Pro Advanced User

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Mayur Jumani (Mumbai)

Mayur Jumani aka 'Inhew' electronic music producer/multi-instrumentalist from Mumbai.


He got his masters in Music Production from Berklee College of music & is a pioneer in genres like house, trap & indietronica.


He has also produced genres like rock, pop as well as Bollywood music as a freelancer.

Ableton Live Expert  . Logic Pro Advanced User

Shivam Ghai ( Chandigarh )

Instructor and Resident Producer


Shivam is one of the top music producer/ sound designers and mix engineers to come out of Beatfactory.

His brilliant success with viral music videos, event & artist management makes him the best educator for helping students get to a top-notch skill level, and also learn how to release their work effectively. He also brings a lot of value to students with his expertise and out of the box thinking and approach to music production and sound recording/mixing.

Ableton Live Expert  . Logic Pro Advanced User



Mahaveer Bhandari ( New Delhi )

Delhi - THE Most Important Person VVIP! Student Council and Accounts/ Operations


Mahaveer Ji has been with Beatfactory since even before its inception. When the now Delhi Academy was called "Sonic Trance Studio". This was the production and recording haven of Gaurav Dayal. Mahabeer ji has been at the helm of management of this facility since 1998!

His work includes admissions at Delhi and Mumbai, making sure we have all supplies, and that all the equipment functions on a daily basis. Without him it is impossible to run our daily operations.

Everthing depends on this man showing up, period!

Shubham Juyal ( New Delhi )

Student Council, Customer Support & Resident Producer

Shubham is an electronic music producer, an ex- student of beatfactory, and currently handles all customer support online, and at the academy at Delhi. He is also quick in supporting students, additionally answering their queries, and making sure that Beatfactory and the courses provided here are correctly explained and represented. 

He is also a key producer on projects by Beatfactory's sister companies Beatskillz & Bollywoodsounds. He is apt at sound design, editing, production and programming.

Bharat Singh ( New Delhi )

Artists  Relations and Product Management - Beatskillz and Tone Empire
Marketing Head - Beatfactory Academy


Hand-picked by Gaurav himself, Bharat was chosen to lead the management team first at the Beatskillz Software development company. Bharat has soon grown his marketing and management skills to now handle all activities at Beatfactory as well.


Having a good ear for music and learning quickly about gear and the latest trends,

Bharat quickly excels at any challenge presented to him. He is also the internal manager of products and promotions and has worked with many international audio company executives.

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Student Council and Management


Cherub is a music producer and mix engineer with great skills as a student council and manager additionally. He has single-handedly designed and built the Chandigarh Beatfactory Facility under the guidance of Gaurav Dayal.

He plays an instrumental role in advising students, solving tech issues, and the daily working of the Chandigarh Academy. He is super approachable and makes sure that all students have a fantastic experience at Beatfactory.