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Duration: 1 months 
course fee: 29500 (INCL GST)
CLASS DAYS: tuesdays (each week) 
total classes: 05
software: ableton live. Logic pro X
Requirements: none 

Is this COURSE for me ?

Beatfactory Arrangement Module has been designed for novice and advanced producers who are familiar with the basic working of a DAW but struggle with making melodies, parts and overall arrangement of their song. If you are not aware of how samples and sounds are layered correctly to achieve a BIG sound, then this module will also be a help to you to understand these concepts.

The aim of this course is to break down the sections of a song and to show how a track is arranged with enough instruments layered correctly so that your tracks flow smoothly from section to section and your track sounds great even before the mix stage.

Main Genres :

  • EDM (Progressive House/Techno /Retrowave)

  • Pop. 

  • Hip-Hop/Trap/ Lofi

  • Bollywood/Punjabi


Key Concepts:

  • Arrangement Structures

  • Instrumentation and important instruments in a genre

  • Sample Selection based on your genre

  • Layering Samples and Synth sounds

  • FX placement

  • Automation – Filters, Pitch, Time etc…

  • Building your own FX

  • Basic Music Theory Rules and secrets to help you make melodies easily


Mixing and Mastering one of the produced tracks will be covered to explain how to take the song further and make it sound like a professional record. 


Concepts covered: 

  • Gain staging | Basic track levelling | Panning

  • Approach to EQ, cleaning & finding space.

  • Dynamic control through compression & expansion | Saturation

  • Mix Bus & Parallel Processing

  • Preparing your mix for mastering 

  • VU meter | Loudness War | LUFS

  • Headroom | Streaming Platforms 

  • Dynamics: Compression & Limiting for Mastering

  • Stereo Width | Mono Compatibility 

  • Mastering using iZotope Products

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