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STUDENT testimonial

“I did my pro course with Gaurav and the experience was really beyond amazing.

I learned a lot of things and now i think i’l be able to accumulate the same into my production and take it all together to another level.”

- Kishan

“I loved each and every second of the course! Gaurav used the industry standard hardwares and showed us how to mix and master our songs like the pros in Hollywood do.


I also got plugins from his own plugin company Beatskillz which i am currently using in all my productions.I had a great time and can’t wait to be back."

- Sahil

“ Gaurav worked on my song and by using Beatskillz and other industry standard plugins made it sound really professional.


He showed us some really cool recording techniques and i must say the output of my songs are now amazing than what i used to have before i did the Pro Course. I am extremely happy."

- Ravneet

“The biggest privilege for me was to sit in the studio with Gaurav itself and learn things in a complete professional level.


I got to observe his workflow as well as got the insights of how industry works. I am completely in love with his plugins Valvesque and Slam Pro. Gained so much of knowledge. I am really satisfied!”

- Karan

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