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Love Music? Want to take your favorite and latest tracks to an audience?
Then learn to DJ from the top Electronic Music School in India.
We teach you how to mix tracks live, do buildups and drops, scratch, match tempo and build exciting playlists that your audience will bump to.

Duration: 1 month 
course fee: 25000 (GST extra)

Class 1

• Introduction to DJing
• Types of Dj setups
• Popular DJ setups
• Introduction to Vinyl
• CDJ's
• Digital DJ's setup
• Knowing your hardware, cables, speakers, audio interface and routing
• Setups at gigs ( modifying and improvising )
• Microphone interface and use
• Audio formats
• Sampling rates and Buffer
• Latency in live setups and troubleshooting
• Importance of good quality of audio and sources

Class 2

• Introduction to Traktor
• Understanding decks
• Software layout and waveforms
• Library and browser
• Importing audio
• Recording and Saving Performance
• Knowing your Controller
• Layout and functions
• Using Jog wheels, faders, Encoders, Sliders
• MIDI mapping the controller
• Types of MIDI signals
• Expanding Setup with Keyboard, MPC, Launchpad


Class 3

• Understanding song structures
• Identifying intro, outro, Breakdown, verse n chorus
• Music Theory basics
• Song Key Identification
• Harmonic Mixing
• Circle of Fifths/Fourths and its use in Mixing
• Relative Scales
• Tempo
• Time Signatures
• Study of popular genres and emotions behind
• A case study of popular genres and selecting a suitable style for your audience.



Class 4

• The Downbeat
• Counting bars and beats
• Beat-matching
• Synchronising tracks
• Beat-matching tracks/loops of different/variable tempo
• Beat-matching tracks/loops with different time signatures.


Class 5

• Mixing tracks
• Creative mixing with multiple Decks
• Introduction to Cueing
• Creating Cue points for different section of track and callback



Class 6

• Introduction to Looping
• Creating looping in Traktor
• Looping on the fly
• Introduction to filters
• Mixing with Filters
• Popular DJ effects
• Creating transitions with effects

Class 7

• Introduction to scratching

• Creative scratching
• Wrist movement

• Scratching in a live set during Mix


Class 8

• Advance DJ techniques
• stop and drop
• Back Spin
• power Down
• Dropout
• Organising Library
• Building sets
• Mixing Requests


Class 9

• Introduction Remix Decks
• Sampling
• Creating offline samples in Ableton and importing
• Remixing on the fly with Remix Decks

Class 10

• Ableton as a Mixer
• Pros and cons of Ableton over Traktor
• Creating decks inLive
• Using Library and samples
• Creating Unique effects with custom racks and macros
• MIDI mapping inLive
• Recording and exporting

Class 11

• Identity and Branding
• Promotions and social networking
• Agencies and artist management programs
• Understanding Business models and contracts

Class 12

• Tour to a live DJ setup
• Understand Acoustics
• Basics of live sound engineering
• Mixing for a live audience

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